Ever Elegance Hair Quality

Since I can remember, woman have been changing up their hairstyles. Whether with a perm, the popular jerry curl, haircuts, wigs, or transitioning into the natural movement, women are able to drastically change their appearance. Hair has always been an outlet that allowed for self-expression and creativity. In today’s age, it is easier than ever to change your style in whatever way you want at that moment.

Tired of doing your own hair? Wigs are available to help with a quick change. Tired of long hair? Weaves can easily be cut and styled without the permanent factor of cutting your natural hair. Tired of short hair? Weaves also have the ability to gives you long locs without having to wait years for your hair to grow back.

But let’s say you are new to the weave community, and this is all foreign to you. First of all we would like to say welcome! Hair weaves can be life savers. So what are they?

There are a few different types of weaves out there. Some are for hair braiding. Here we discuss the types of weaves that create natural looks via sew ins, quick weaves, or even wigs. So let’s start with the simplest, the wig. A wig, as you may know, is a cap of hair that you slip on over your real hair. We have all seen the costume wigs. While this is the same concept, wigs worn for reasons other than costumes are there to look natural and elegant. There are full wigs that cover your whole head as if it were all your hair. Then there are also half wigs, which can be used in conjunction with your own hair for the most natural look possible. Wigs generally come pre styled, but some have the ability to be styled in a different way by you. There are synthetic weaves, which can tolerate a lower heating point and only last a few months (maybe longer if taken care of properly). There are also human hair wigs, which look more natural and can be taken care of just like your own hair. These wigs typically have a much longer life, and are easily styled.

So what about hair weaves that are not wigs. These are known as extensions. Extensions are bundles of hair connected to what is called wefts. These wefts are then sewn or glued by your stylist. (Sew-ins or quick weaves.) Sew ins tend to look the most natural and blend well with your natural hair. If you want a full protective style, weaves also have closures, which are simply forms of lace which have hair attached to them. These closures can be used to create a more natural look with solely weave, instead of requiring your hair to be left out and potentially become damaged. These extensions can also be used to make your own wig. If you have a particular style in mind that you can’t find in a wig, and like the freedom of being to take the hair on and off as necessary, making your own wig is possible with extensions.

Whether you need a protective style or just prefer the look of weaves and wigs over your real hair, Ever Elegance is the company for you. We understand the value of your dollar, and only look to provide the highest quality virgin hair. Your look is important to us. No matter what style you are trying to achieve, we provide quality hair that will last.